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Unlock healthy hair by oiling them!

Posted on January 17 2021

Our older generations have always had one solution to dry and damaged hair - oiling them. Oiling our hair has been the blanket solution for any and every hair ailment. However, does oiling your hair really do your hair any good? Let’s find out!

Strengthens your hair

Oiling your scalp with warm oil, especially in winters, can help add life back to your dry scalp. The warm oil opens up your hair follicles and penetrates deep within. Massaging the oil gently on your scalp also promotes blood circulation, which reduces breakage and dry scalp issues.

Promotes hair growth

Oiling your hair once a week can help promote hair growth. When you massage your scalp with while applying oil you promote blood circulation to your scalp. This strengthens your hair from within and also promotes hair growth.

Manageable hair

Oiling your hair regularly helps your scalp retain moisture. This prevents overly stripping your scalp from its natural oils. Due to this, your hair is soft, hydrated and frizz-free.

Relieves stress

Getting a champi after a long tiring day can be the best stress buster. It promotes blood circulation to your scalp and relaxes you after a long stressful day. This also in turn reduces hair fall caused by stress. 

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What is the best way to apply oil?

We’ve established the benefits of oiling your hair, but doing it right is important too. Here are a few things to remember while oiling your hair:

  • Do not over oil your hair. Apply only so much oil your scalp can absorb. Over oiling your hair might clog your scalp.
  • If you want to use warm oil, do not heat the oil directly on a high flame. Use a double boiler to heat your oil.
  • The best way to reap the most benefits of oiling is to keep it for a minimum of 45 mins. If possible, keeping it overnight will yield optimum results.

 Marabella Naturals has the perfect oil for your champis. This oil brings to you the goodness of argan oil, olive oil, almond oil, wheat germ oil, and more. It helps in preventing hair fall while moisturizing your hair and making it stronger from within.

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