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Get Introduced To Nature With Natural Soaps

Posted on December 10 2020

Love Yourself, Naturally

Natural soaps are the latest buzzwords. Harnessing the goodness of kitchen ingredients and blending them with the healing powers of herbs, natural soaps are an easy way of introducing ‘nature’ into your personal care routine.

Your day begins with yoga and a cup of freshly brewed green tea. When you have started off with such positivity, why turn your mornings toxic with a bar of soap?

Bid good-bye to your regular off-the-shelf bars and say hello to natural handmade soaps. If living a healthier, more sustainable lifestyle is on your list of resolutions, you should definitely consider switching to natural soaps. The fact that their ingredients work wonders on your skin is another positive add on. Read on if you still aren’t convinced…

Nature’s goodness

Natural soaps are made with plant-derived ingredients such as oils and glycerin. They have a blend of essential oils, too. Together these unique ingredients create tantalizing aromas and textures and have properties that benefit the skin. They have a high pH level that makes them gentle on the skin. For instance, the Neroli & Goat Milk Soap, from Marbella Naturals’ collection of soaps, combines the anti-inflammatory benefits of neroli with the moisturizing properties of goat milk. The ingredients used in natural soaps are chosen for their properties. For example, turmeric is antiseptic; honey is a humectant; aloe vera soothes sunburns; and coconut oil moisturizes the skin. You can choose the right soap for your need, based on what kind of ingredients are used.

Customizable and eco-friendly

Natural soaps can be customized as per your needs. Unlike commercial soaps that are ‘one size fits all,’ natural soaps take into account your likes and dislikes, skin conditions, aroma preferences and allergies.

They are eco-friendly as right from the production process to the end use, organic soaps have minimum impact on the environment. They have no chemicals and preservatives and are as gentle on the environment as they are to your skin. They are also cruelty free as they are not tested on animals or use animal-based products. Even vegans can use them without any qualms.

Exotic ingredients

We can’t talk enough about the magic of ingredients in a natural soap. And the best part is that soap crafters can add different unique ingredients to create a soap that answers a particular need. The Orchid & Mimosa Cold Pressed Luxury Soap by Marbella Naturals has the essence of these ingredients, which is blended with emollients such as almond and olive oils. As the ingredients unleash their goodness on your skin, they promote collagen production, reduce signs of ageing and leave your skin deeply moisturized and blemish-free.

Thanks to these qualities, natural soaps are the most happening trend of 2020. As people have slowed down the pace of life and started taking much better care of themselves, natural soaps are fast becoming an integral part of their personal care routine. Fulfilling this demand for luxury handcrafted natural soaps Marbella Naturals has curated a wide range of natural soaps that will suit the needs of every skin type.

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