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Body Oil: A Saviour For Winter Skin Woes

Posted on December 30 2020

Winters call for a hot cup of cocoa and a cozy blanket. But, no matter how comfortable the weather may sound, it takes a toll on your beautiful skin. You might have already faced harsh effects of this mesmerizing yet cold climate. Out of all the winter skin problems, dryness is the most dreadful sight to look at! But fret not, body oils are here to save the day!

Over the years, body oils have earned the reputation of being the best moisturizing agent on the block. Apart from lotions, body oils also help in hydrating and nourishing your skin. Likewise, they add sheen to your skin whilst making it soft and supple. This means your dreams of achieving baby-like skin are soon going to come true! What really seals the deal is that the body oils get easily absorbed into the skin, making it a fuss-free option. So, let’s look at how body oil actually works in tackling the winter woes.

Body oils are formulated to replicate the natural lipids present in our body. When they are applied onto the skin, just like natural oils, they sink into the skin. It replenishes your skin and locks moisture within the skin. It makes your skin feel softer, smoother and shinier. Additionally, a body oil helps in creating a moisture barrier on your skin. This means that the cold climate cannot commit the crime of stealing away the moisture present in your skin. So, it’s clearly a win-win situation!

The perfect solution for dry skin woes in winter is undoubtedly the Body Oil. Marbella brings a nourishing body oil enriched with Almond and Wheat Germ which nourishes your dry skin to the tee! Happy and soft skin is now a click away.

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